• Nippon NS PRO 1050GH (4-PW) .355\" / .370\"
  • Nippon NS PRO 1050GH (4-PW) .355\" / .370\"
  • Nippon NS PRO 1050GH (4-PW) .355\" / .370\"
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Nippon NS PRO 1050GH (4-PW) .355" / .370"

The N. S. PRO 1050GH Steel Shaft for Irons (Ultra-lightweight) A slightly heavier feel for golfers who like to hit the ball hard!

There’s no shortage of golfers who like their lightweight shafts a little heavier. “I like to meet the ball with hard impact.” “I like the touch of the old steel shafts.” The N.S.PRO 1050GH is a professional model designed for golfers like this the kind who like to swing hard and enjoy the solid feel of additional weight. It features easier contact than regular weight shafts to help give your swing greater consistency.



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