• Mitsubishi Rayon KuroKage Tour Edition 70 .335\"
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Mitsubishi Rayon KuroKage Tour Edition 70 .335"

Introduced in 2013, the KURO KAGE™ Tour Edition is the first of our Aftermarket Only profiles. The KURO KAGE™ Tour Edition offers a proven winning profile, in a variety of weights and flexes targeting players with higher swing speeds. This series also includes our first XX-Flex in the KURO KAGE Family. The stiff tip and butt section of this profile offer the maximum stability that stronger players seek, without sacrificing feel.

The stiff tip is profile of the KURO KAGE ™ Tour Edition is enhanced with two key technologies:

TiNi Wire: The TiNi wire in the KURO KAGE™ is an elastic yet extremely strong wire, TiNi has the unique ability to stretch and then immediately regain its original shape. This "stretching action" allows the shaft to efficiently transfer and unload energy. It also creates extra strength and stability to reduce shaft deformation at impact. Result: Yardage and control.

High Density Prepreg: The KURO KAGE™ Tour Edition also features High Density Prepreg, with up to 15% more carbon fiber and much less resin (20% vs. 33%) than standard materials. This allows us to add more fibers without adding overall weight, while adding strength and enhancing feel.



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