• Mitsubishi Rayon KuroKage 50 Red .335\"
  • Mitsubishi Rayon KuroKage 50 Red .335\"
  • Mitsubishi Rayon KuroKage 50 Red .335\"
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Mitsubishi Rayon KuroKage 50 Red .335"

The KURO KAGE™ Red is the third profile in our Aftermarket Only KURO KAGE™ Series, it is the second to offer TiNi Wire, and the first to be offered in a 50 gram profile. Its unique profile offers stability in lighter weights, and a higher launch without excessive spin. It provides golfers opportunities to increase their distance by going lighter and maximizing their carry and rollout.

TiNi Wire: The TiNi Wire utilized in the tip section of this profile, is an elastic yet extremely strong wire, TiNi has the unique ability to stretch and then immediately regain its original shape. This "stretching action" allows the shaft to efficiently transfer and unload energy. It also creates extra strength and stability to reduce shaft deformation at impact. Result: Yardage and control.

Progressive Torque: A Progressive Torque system optimizes performance by targeting shaft torque and frequency to a players swing speed.



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