• Graphite Design Tour AD BB-5
  • Graphite Design Tour AD BB-5
  • Graphite Design Tour AD BB-5
  • Graphite Design Tour AD BB-5
£299.99inc vat£249.99 ex vat

Graphite Design Tour AD BB-5

The Tour AD BB “Blue Bullet” design features an increased stiffness from the tip-to-middle section to provide the player with more stability. The end result is a tighter shot pattern and an increase in ball speed. Tour AD BB was designed with the appropriate amount of flex in the butt section allowing players the ability to load the shaft properly thus creating a sense of power. The Tour AD BB shafts are available in 50, 60, 70, and 80 gram weights and will produce a LOW to MID piercing ball flight and reduce spin through impact.

Shaft will come ready to be bolted into your head, fitted with the adaptor of your choice & Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 No Logo Grip. Standard length will be as per the specs on the manufactures official website. Unless specified the shaft logo will be installed in the down position when using the adaptor in the standard setting. If you require any custom options that are not listed below please email us, i am sure we will be able to help.




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