• Golf Grip Training Aid
  • Golf Grip Training Aid
  • Golf Grip Training Aid
  • Golf Grip Training Aid
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Golf Grip Training Aid



  • Golf-Grip Prevents: Re-gripping, Hooking, Slicing
  • Golf-Grip Promotes: Muscle Memory, Accuracy & Alignment, Distance & Control
  • Golf-Grip Provides: Discreetness, Uniqueness, Assurance

Golf-grip is a unique tool that can be used on any club in the golfers bag. Designed in conjunction with several PGA Golfers the Golf-grip was tried and tested on hundreds of golfers of all abilities. Consistent use is found to promote ' Muscle Memory' allowing the golfer, with practice and time to achieve the perfect grip - without assistance.

The gripping of the club is an important part of the game and a specially tailored training aid is essential. from that concept, Golf-grip was born. Developed over 5 years, through many hours of ergonomic research and design development they have honed the Golf-grip to an easy to use product that delivers you the perfect grip - every time.



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